Re: Cross posting madness must stop.

On Sep 27, 2009, at 12:35 PM, Mark S. Miller wrote:

> Comparing < 
> > with < 
> 2009JulSep/> and < 
> > shows why this cross posting madness must stop. Some messages in  
> this thread are only posted to one side of the W3C / ECMA divide,  
> indicating that some posters only subscribe on one side. These  
> posters are mutually opaque to the posters subscribing only on the  
> other side of the divide, leading to a fragmented conversation. For  
> example, the excellent posts by David-Sarah Hopwood < 
> > have generally gotten responses only from the ECMA side. Some  
> later messages from the W3C side seem to have missed some of his  
> points.
> Rather than create a list specific to the WebIDL->ES5 language  
> bindings, I suggest an open public list for discussions likely to be  
> of interest to both communities. Are there any territoriality issues  
> one should be aware of before creating such a list?

Cross posting isn't great, but a brand new list will be missing many  
people with an interest in the topic for a while until it ramps up. In  
the meantime, I think both es-discuss and public-webapps are open for  
anyone to subscribe to (public-html ironically requires more hoops,  
since you have to be part of a W3C Member organization or become an  
invited expert). I'm subscribed to all 3 lists so my only annoyance is  
getting multiple copies of every email.

My point is this: we're having a really fruitful discussion right now,  
one that was long overdue. While there are some mechanically bad  
things about the way we're doing it, I'd like to avoid killing the  
momentum. So let's keep talking this way, as long as we have useful  
things to say, and until we can create a better mechanism.

For the slightly longer term: I think a list for general ECMA/W3C  
scripting coordination is a good idea. But I'd also like that to be  
the main list we use for the development of Web IDL, since any  
discussion about WebIDL is likely to be of cross-functional interest.  
And I don't want to make people subscribe to two new lists. Whether we  
call it public-webidl or public-scripting-coordination doesn't matter  
that much to me. Preference? W3C can probably set up such a list in  
fairly short order, but likely not until Monday.


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