Re: what is dt?

Jeremy Keith On 09-09-18 11.24:

> Leif wrote:
>>  If you allow h1-h6 to be used as caption, then h1-h6 would get dual  
>> functions when used within a figure element.
>> To illustrate my point, we could end up with this:
>> <figure>
>> <h1>Exhibit A</h1>
>> <div><h1>Madonna and child</h1>
>> <img src="foo" alt="bar">
>> </div>
>> </figure>
> Good point; one I hadn't considered. You're right: this kind of puts  
> the kybosh on using any heading content for labelling purposes.

For the record, no, it doesn't. Not completely.

If you look at the draft, then it says that _unless_ there is 
<dd>, then there isn't a caption.

So we could say the same thing about <h1>: Unless there is 
"figurebody element", then the <h1> doesn't count as caption.

So, if you expand your h1 thought with e.g. a <fbody> element 
(pattern on <tbody>), then it would be possible to distinguish the 
two levels.
leif halvard silli

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