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>>>> I don't think <label> is acceptable, because it interacts with form
>>>> controls and is generally allowed anywhere. What if you want a form
>>>> control in the figure caption? What if you want a <label> as the
>>>> figure content? It wouldn't work if <label> was used as the figure
>>>> caption.
>>>> Also, <label> is rendered as an inline element in legacy browsers,
>>>> but a figure caption should be block level.
>>>> <dt> does not have these problems.

> The point is, whatever works for styling for one element, can work for  
> another. Discarding label because it's inline is not a valid argument  
> against its use.

I agree, the point about being inline was besides the point and clearly I  
shouldn't have mentioned it. (A new element would also be inline.)

Please only consider the first paragraph quoted above.

For example, this is currently allowed but would not work if <label> was  
used as the element for figure caption:

   <p>Add a figure:</p>
     <label>Caption: <input name=caption></label>
     <label><input type=radio name=caption-side value=top  
     <label><input type=radio name=caption-side value=bottom>below</label>
     <label>File: <input type=file name=file></label>
     <label><input type=radio name=type value=img checked> image</label>
     <label><input type=radio name=type value=video> video</label>

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