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On Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 7:51 PM, Leif Halvard Silli
<> wrote:
> To illustrate my point, we could end up with this:
> <figure>
> <h1>Exhibit A</h1>
> <div><h1>Madonna and child</h1>
> <img src="foo" alt="bar">
> </div>
> </figure>

It's easy to avoid that situation - the caption for the <figure> would
just be the *first* child heading element.  So it wouldn't be
necessary to wrap a <div> around the content there - the second <h1>
is implicitly part of the content, not the caption.

> Another "fun" effect: What if the <h1> would be the very last element?
> (<figure> allow the caption as last element.)

For this you *would* need to wrap the content in a <div> if it has a
top-level heading, so that the first *child* heading of <figure> is
the caption (the content headings would then be at least grandchildren
instead, and wouldn't be considered).

> Another problem: The h1-h6 we have today are supposed to contain rather
> short titles that can be displayed in an outline. Suddenly, however, when
> h1-h6 is used as caption, that rule can not not apply. (Note the development
> of the content model of <caption> - see the draft.)

Since <figure> is a sectioning root, its headings should never be
displayed in the document outline.


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