Example of Good Summary

Smylers wrote:
> Laura Carlson writes:
> > A summary mechanism is needed for the Blind/Non-Visual Use Case
> > http://esw.w3.org/topic/HTML/SummaryForTABLE#head-2a3e0996e746aaf82eff0fe4ce9f6477bcaf6036
> That page contains this example of a good table summary:
>   <table summary="This table presents traveling expenses. Rows contain
>   destinations, traveling dates, and grand total. Columns contain expense
>   category and total. The first column contains merged table cells.">
>   <!-- Remainder of table -->
> Please could a proponent of summary who considers the above to be an
> example of a good summary provide the corresponding example table it's
> summarizing (or an example of one you had in mind, if the above is a
> synthetic example), to show the summary in context?  It would be good to
> include other context such as any caption, legend, or heading which
> would be encountered next to this table.

Looks like jgraham found the table in question, located in the HTML4.01 spec:

Interestingly, this table is *completely* different from every table
that we tried to generate in IRC based on the summary.


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