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> On Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 10:55 AM, Leif Halvard Silli
> <> wrote:
>> Despite the error, what Olivier pointed out is that Microdata has a  
>> problem
>> similar to what has been claimed about RDFa. For RDFa, the table  
>> example was
>> made a lot of fuzz about by Jon and others: did the algorithm take into
>> account where things landed in the DOM or not? Fortunately, though, RDFa
>> only operates with attributes. And so, as long as you take account of  
>> the
>> DOM - which is quite simple, you should be safe. Whereas for Microdata,  
>> it
>> seems one must think much more about the DOM all the time and use
>> workarounds. (We can't sit with the Live DOM Viewer all the time ...)
> Yeah, I agree.  Having to workaround this stuff is pretty annoying.
> The only real problem with making itemref an attribute on the
> @itemscope element is that it prevents chained itemrefs, as brought up
> previously (where the main microdata blob has an itemref to another
> element, which contains some itemprops and another itemref to a third
> element).
> This doesn't prevent you from expressing anything, as you can always
> just write all the referred-to ids directly in the @itemref attribute,
> but it might be annoying in some cases.  If it's not a big deal,
> though, then it's probably not a problem to change.

Indeed. Can anyone figure out a proper example that actually needs to  
chain the references? A single @itemref attribute on the @itemscope'd  
element isn't the only option (although the one I like best so far).

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