Updating the HTML Working Group Homepage

I've recently seen discussions around the web and in person between people 
who are not part of this Group. They don't know we have a homepage which 
provides an excellent hub from which to explore what our Group does. Of 
course, I point them in the direction of it:


However, when I checked the homepage today, it seems to be somewhat out of 
date. I'll list a few things I noticed right away. There may well be more 
useful gardening which could be, though.

1. [[[
   The charter for the Forms Task Force extends through July 2008

   This date was over a year ago, yet the sentence uses present tense. Also, 
what was the fate of this Task Force?

2. Face-to-Face Meetings section doesn't mention the France TPAC from 
October 2008 (which I attended). The page for it is here:


   It looks like there will be one on November 2009, too:


3. [[[
   An issue-tracking task force is appointed by the chairs.

   This part is present in both the Membership and Participation section and 
the Tracker section.

4. Decision History section begins with this:

   This list is incomplete/out of date; it's not clear whether we'll 
maintain it.

   The most recent item in this list is from 27th May 2008.

5. Current Events box on the right does not seem to display events which 
have happened recently. It's not clear to me what sort of events it is 
designed to display, though.

6. IRC section mentions W3C's #public-html IRC channel. Would it be helpful 
to also mention the Freenode #whatwg channel?

   * irc://irc.w3.org:6665/html-wg
   * irc://irc.freenode.net/whatwg

In brighter news, Planet HTML5 seems to have remained alive and relevant. :)


Ben Millard

Received on Saturday, 17 October 2009 14:51:10 UTC