Re: Microdata design philosophies

Martin McEvoy wrote: 
> Why use microdata at all when microformats already exist,  I cant 
> think of a single microdata use case that isn't already solved by 
> microformats and RDFa, by the way microformats and RDFa work very 
> niceley together on the same page, I would hate to try and mix micro 
> data with microformats or RDFa
The above is truly the crux of my Issue , Microformats  and RDFa do 
exist today , they actually work in perfect harmony together it was a 
design principle of RDFa that it doesn't break microformats which in 
itself was very intuitive, a win win, but Microdata has gone out its way 
it seems to ignore, the principle of  "not teaching your grandmother to 
suck eggs" ie Ignoring everything that has gone before it, both 
Microformats and RDFa have undergone years of development millions of 
man hours have been spent on developing and publishing microformats on 
their own, and suddenly over a matter of months with no public 
discussion a single man says he can do it better and makes it a part of 
the future of html, amazing!!

You seem to be confident with your proposal How about a vote do we keep 
it or not?

Best wishes

Martin McEvoy

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