Re: Microdata vocabulary specifications

On 4 Oct 2009, at 12:44, Ian Hickson wrote:

> Incidentaly, a side-effect of this is that the HTML-to-Atom conversion
> algorithm can no longer output valid Atom. It used to rely on the  
> vCard
> vocabulary to get the value of <author>, but this is no longer  
> possible
> since there's no reference to the vocabulary specs.

An empty <atom:author> could be provided by the algorithm, though  
this by itself is not useful. <link rel="author" could be used to add  
an <atom:url> or <atom:email> to the <atom:author>.

That said, the weak semantics of rel="author" become a slight problem  
here. If there are multiple rel="author" links, does that indicate  
multiple authors, or multiple links for the same author, or even  
several authors each with several links?

Toby A Inkster

Received on Monday, 5 October 2009 07:12:56 UTC