Re: formal objection to one vendor/one vote

David Singer wrote:
> At 7:08  -0400 13/07/09, Sam Ruby wrote:
>> At the present time, I am not aware of anybody actually pursuing an 
>> alternative to what Ian has proposed in terms of required codecs. 
>> Unless I can find an owner for Issue-7, my intent is to (eventually) 
>> close it as resolved.
> Well, I am aware of people working on some of the issues around 
> Ogg/Theora, I am aware of W3C staff member(s) who are looking at the 
> situation, I have said several times I have and still am trying to 
> pursue solutions when I can (though, I grant you, with nothing to report 
> so far), so it's not quite true no-one is working on the problem.

I am looking for an owner to that action item.  If you are pursuing 
solutions, it might make sense for you to be the owner.  Are you 

>>> I have also posted several times that I believe we need a substantive 
>>> discussion on media accessibility, and provided some suggestions.  We 
>>> cannot leave this area un-addressed.  Arguing about the codec (a 
>>> discussion which can be deferred without damage) and not about 
>>> accessibility (a design that will take time, take experimentation, 
>>> and take refinement) is not good use of our time, IMHO.
>> This is a large group.  Different people have different interests and 
>> can work on different aspects.
> Yes, but also other people can (and probably will, anyway) criticize for 
> spending a lot of time on a discussion which was going nowhere, and not 
> spending time on matters which we could have and should have worked on: 
> and I see accessibility of media elements as one of those. We cannot 
> force volunteers to do anything, but we can overall be critical of the 
> results (or lack of them).

Yes, People will spend time on discussions that will go nowhere.  Yes, 
people will criticize.  In both cases: this too, shall pass.  What 
ultimately will remain is tangible spec text.  Ian has publicly asked 
for guidance on same[1].  Steven Faulkner, Cynthia Shelly, Matt May and 
Laura Carlson[2] agreed to work on tangible spec text for related areas, 
though I don't as of yet know if their efforts will produce anything 
tangible for media elements.

- Sam Ruby


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