Re: formal objection to one vendor/one vote

At 7:08  -0400 13/07/09, Sam Ruby wrote:
>At the present time, I am not aware of anybody actually pursuing an 
>alternative to what Ian has proposed in terms of required codecs. 
>Unless I can find an owner for Issue-7, my intent is to (eventually) 
>close it as resolved.

Well, I am aware of people working on some of the issues around 
Ogg/Theora, I am aware of W3C staff member(s) who are looking at the 
situation, I have said several times I have and still am trying to 
pursue solutions when I can (though, I grant you, with nothing to 
report so far), so it's not quite true no-one is working on the 

>>I have also posted several times that I believe we need a 
>>substantive discussion on media accessibility, and provided some 
>>suggestions.  We cannot leave this area un-addressed.  Arguing 
>>about the codec (a discussion which can be deferred without damage) 
>>and not about accessibility (a design that will take time, take 
>>experimentation, and take refinement) is not good use of our time, 
>This is a large group.  Different people have different interests 
>and can work on different aspects.

Yes, but also other people can (and probably will, anyway) criticize 
for spending a lot of time on a discussion which was going nowhere, 
and not spending time on matters which we could have and should have 
worked on: and I see accessibility of media elements as one of those. 
We cannot force volunteers to do anything, but we can overall be 
critical of the results (or lack of them).
David Singer
Multimedia Standards, Apple Inc.

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