Re: formal objection to one vendor/one vote

At 9:51  -0400 13/07/09, Sam Ruby wrote:
>David Singer wrote:
>>At 7:08  -0400 13/07/09, Sam Ruby wrote:
>>>At the present time, I am not aware of anybody actually pursuing 
>>>an alternative to what Ian has proposed in terms of required 
>>>codecs. Unless I can find an owner for Issue-7, my intent is to 
>>>(eventually) close it as resolved.
>>Well, I am aware of people working on some of the issues around 
>>Ogg/Theora, I am aware of W3C staff member(s) who are looking at 
>>the situation, I have said several times I have and still am trying 
>>to pursue solutions when I can (though, I grant you, with nothing 
>>to report so far), so it's not quite true no-one is working on the 
>I am looking for an owner to that action item.  If you are pursuing 
>solutions, it might make sense for you to be the owner.  Are you 

as long as there is an open issue on this question, I don't think it 
will make much practical difference, and assigning my name might be 
taken as an implication I think I know how to solve the problem 
(which I don't, but I continue to explore).  so, I guess this is a 
'no, let's leave an open un-assigned issue for now'.

David Singer
Multimedia Standards, Apple Inc.

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