Re: ISSUE-59: normative-language-reference FPWD

Robin Berjon <>, 2009-01-23 15:47 +0100:

>  [...] If the schema were made normative, it would be possible
>  to dance around it being to One True Schema. For instance, it
>  could be defined as baseline validation, indicating that no
>  validator can be conformant if it accepts something that the
>  schema rejects;


> but a validator would be allowed in being stricter.

The "HTML 5: The Markup Language" draft already takes the approach
stating stricter requirements where needed. It doesn't confine its
definition of "conformant document" to only what can be expressed
in the content-model sections. It contains other sections that
state additional constraints; for example:

There are quite a few more of those that I still need to add, but
they'll all get added eventually.


Michael(tm) Smith

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