Re: ISSUE-54: doctype-legacy-compat

Philip TAYLOR wrote:

> fail to address this (IMHO, fundamental) deficiency, and
> I therefore propose that the HTML 5 DOCTYPE should include,
> /at the very least/ the major (5) and minor (initially 0)
> elements of its version number.  I do not know which keywords
> could legitimately replace "about" in the last example above,
> but a DOCTYPE along the lines of :
>     <!DOCTYPE html SYSTEM "V:5.0">
>         or
>     <!DOCTYPE html SYSTEM "version:5.0">
> would address all of my concerns on this issue.

Giving completely aside question whether version information should or
shouldn't be included it is very bad idea to include it in DOCTYPE. The
version number should be encoded in both XML and HTML serializations in
the same way. But information from DOCTYPE is not a part of many XML
data models and XML APIs and is thus not easily accessible without
resorting to custom parsers.

So, if there should be version specified, then it should definitively
live in attribute or element value, probably version attribute would be
the best choice then.


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