Comments on HTML5 Drag and Drop by Francisco Tolmasky

Francisco Tolmasky (creator of the Cappuccino) framework, recently did a blog post where he looked at the HTML5 Drag and Drop interface:

In this post, he expresses an interest in making three relatively minor changes to the spec:

1.) Lazy Data Loading: when calling "setData" to provide drag/drop data for a particular format, one should be able to provide a function that can be used to lazily provide the data on demand, rather than having to provide the data itself upfront.

2.) Initiating Drags: an app should be able to start drags explicitly by e.g calling "startDrag", thus allowing finer control over what can be dragged.

3.) Drag images: there should be no requirement that the image specified by "setDragImage" be visible.

What do people think of these suggestions? They seem sensible to me.


Received on Wednesday, 19 August 2009 17:59:28 UTC