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Shelley Powers wrote:
>>  Topic: Issue-41/Action-97 decentralized-extensibility / Chris Wilson
>>  Recommendation: as this continues to not attract a tangible proposal,
>>  I'm inclined to demote this issue to raised.
> What does it mean to demote this to a raised issue from an open issue?
> Does this mean, then, that we're no longer holding for an action from
> Chris and new actions can be proposed?

New actions can be proposed, and would be most welcome.

I like the term that Maciej used recently w.r.t. "wishlist"[1], and will 
further suggest that people refer to the actual definitions of the 
various states[2].

The next step after open => raised, may very well be raised => closed if 
the issue does not attract a proposal.

Chris Wilson wrote:
> I'm sorry, I thought this issue had been updated already.  There's
> now an IE team member who is working on a proposal; for the time
> being, I asked that the item be assigned to Adrian Bateman.  I think
> this was at the conference call 2 weeks ago; I think Dan was adding
> Adrian to Tracker so I could reassign but it never got reassigned.  I
> just did so.
> (Sorry I can't look up the discussion; is currently rejecting
> most page requests due to "abuse from your IP".)
> That said, of course, if someone wants to volunteer other actions to
> move the issue forward, I don't think that's a bad idea.

Changing the owner, in my opinion, that does not change the status.

- Sam Ruby


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