4.2.4 The link element -- link types

"Two categories of links can be created using the link element. Links to 
external resources are links to resources that are to be used to augment 
the current document, and hyperlink links are links to other documents. 
The link types section defines whether a particular link type is an 
external resource or a hyperlink. One element can create multiple links 
(of which some might be external resource links and some might be 
hyperlinks); exactly which and how many links are created depends on the 
keywords given in the rel  attribute. User agents must process the links 
on a per-link basis, not a per-element basis."

Everytime I read this I'm confused. It's not clear why this distinction 
is important.

In particular it appears that some read this to disallow in-document 
link targets (such as href="#foo"), which clearly is both useful and in 
use today (see, for instance, www.w3.org).

BR, Julian

Received on Wednesday, 19 August 2009 17:20:38 UTC