Re: Comments on HTML5 Drag and Drop by Francisco Tolmasky

On Wed, 19 Aug 2009, Ennals, Robert wrote:
> Francisco Tolmasky (creator of the Cappuccino) framework, recently did a 
> blog post where he looked at the HTML5 Drag and Drop interface:
> In this post, he expresses an interest in making three relatively minor 
> changes to the spec:
> 1.) Lazy Data Loading: when calling "setData" to provide drag/drop data 
> for a particular format, one should be able to provide a function that 
> can be used to lazily provide the data on demand, rather than having to 
> provide the data itself upfront.
> 2.) Initiating Drags: an app should be able to start drags explicitly by 
> e.g calling "startDrag", thus allowing finer control over what can be 
> dragged.

These two suggestions seem reasonable, but I think it would be best to 
wait for a future version before adding these features. We don't yet have 
good interop of the existing features.

> 3.) Drag images: there should be no requirement that the image specified 
> by "setDragImage" be visible.

This is already the case.

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