Re: Recording teleconferences?

Hi Anne,

I think Matt did a good job of answering your questions.

I'll try to explain further. If it doesn't make sense, just say "Laura
this is as clear as mud" and we can try again.

> So what we currently do is not in conflict with WCAG

No it is not. We currently do not provide verbatim content of
teleconferences (audio or text). What we provide are minutes of equal
quality for all in HTML format.

> but if we were to make the
> recordings accessible to more people than they are currently we would be in conflict
> with WCAG?

In essence you would be making full audio content available (not
accessible) to more people by placing it on the public web. But
without a transcript, full content would not be accessible to the
deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind. They would be locked out. So, yes,
it would  be in conflict with WCAG.

(As for universal design even people who don't not a sound card or
speakers would be out of luck) .

These are the relevant parts of WCAG:

Dan followed up on W3C policy:

Does that help?

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Laura L. Carlson

Received on Friday, 14 August 2009 20:51:44 UTC