RE: Recording teleconferences?

On Fri, 14 Aug 2009 19:36:36 +0200, Anne said:
>> If you're deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind you'll be locked out of
>> full content. The guidance therefore, according to the Web Content
>> Accessibility Guidelines, is to provide a transcript.
> So your opinion is that we should not provide any public recording whatsoever
> if we cannot commit to also offer a transcript?

In the past, when people who are deaf/HoH expressed a desire to participate
in teleconferences, W3C has provided a real-time captioner. That is the
means of accessibility accommodation for real-time telecons. (By the way,
since at least one person has gotten this mixed up, phone conversations are
_not web content_ by any stretch of the imagination, so what WCAG says
doesn't matter. Meeting minutes, which are not transcripts, are required
under W3C Process, and are not equivalent alternatives to the real-time

If you want to record the conversations (which I don't take a position on),
and put those on the Web, the WCAG 2 requirement is that a transcript of the
conversation be provided after the fact.

Whether you meet WCAG or not, that's your option. But nowhere in there does
it say, if you don't publish a transcript, then you _must not publish the
audio_. You should not position WCAG (or accessibility advocates) as a force
against publishing information relevant to the development of HTML5. If you
choose to make audio recordings available, and you intend to make that
content accessible, but you feel it is an undue burden on yourselves to do
so, contact Judy Brewer and ask that W3C transcribe the recordings.


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