Re: Begin discussions for pushing Last Call into 2010

Shelley Powers wrote:
> David Singer wrote:
>> At 10:54  -0500 12/08/09, Shelley Powers wrote:
>>> Thanks for the update. Unfortunate for HTML and for the Canvas 
>>> element. A future formal objection most likely.
>> Shelley, when you say things like this, they sound like threats.  At 
>> the moment, we are supposed to be working together to resolve issues 
>> and do our best to stay on schedule.  I'd rather ask the question 
>> "what can we do, or ask be done, to keep to our schedule while 
>> providing good accessibility for canvas?"
> No, I am stating a fact. I can't do anything about canvas being in the 
> HTML 5 specification now, because of the past vote. I can respect that, 
> and won't bring it up in this group again.
> However, I plan on issuing a formal objection about it being included at 
> the proper time, I imagine during the Last Call process.

I'll echo DanC's previous comments[1]:

   I don't think last call is an appropriate time to register
   formal objections.  The appropriate time is after chair proposes
   to close an issue and asks "any objections?" and before the chair
   actually announces the outcome of the decision.

Previously, he referred to this as being "out of order", which literally 
means done in the wrong order, as well as meaning not functioning well[2].

More to the point: if you have objections, please raise them now.  Don't 
wait.  I will note that you have already raised two:

I know this will sound odd, but thank you for doing this, particularly 
issue 76.  I have more that I want to say about this, but I would rather 
wait until the current poll is over.

> Shelley


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