Re: Begin discussions for pushing Last Call into 2010

David Singer wrote:
> At 10:54  -0500 12/08/09, Shelley Powers wrote:
>> Thanks for the update. Unfortunate for HTML and for the Canvas 
>> element. A future formal objection most likely.
> Shelley, when you say things like this, they sound like threats.  At 
> the moment, we are supposed to be working together to resolve issues 
> and do our best to stay on schedule.  I'd rather ask the question 
> "what can we do, or ask be done, to keep to our schedule while 
> providing good accessibility for canvas?"
No, I am stating a fact. I can't do anything about canvas being in the 
HTML 5 specification now, because of the past vote. I can respect that, 
and won't bring it up in this group again.

However, I plan on issuing a formal objection about it being included at 
the proper time, I imagine during the Last Call process. The canvas 
element does not fit within the scope of this group. More importantly, I 
think inclusion in the HTML specification hinders the Canvas element's 
development at a time when advances in Silverlight and Flash are 
progressing by leaps and bounds.

I thought, when I wrote my initial email, that the possibility of 
pulling Canvas into a separate effort might be a way of managing the 
issue about accessibility in Canvas, without holding up last call, and 
without rushing the accessibility effort. It was a good faith 
suggestion. I wasn't aware that the previous Canvas vote , two years 
ago, was in such a way that the topic can't be brought up again. Once I 
was made aware, then I voiced the other concern: we probably need to 
start thinking about the possibility of moving Last Call into 2010.


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