Re: [DRAFT] Heartbeat poll - update 4

Sam Ruby wrote:
> Sam Ruby wrote:
>> Sam Ruby wrote:
>>> It looks like we are holding at two options.
>> And still holding.
> At the present time, we are down to one option!  I base that on John 
> withdrawing his draft based on a recent change Ian made:
> I would like to give everybody an who supported stopping the publication 
> of Ian's current Editors Draft as a Working Group Draft but had not 
> stepped forward with a draft of their own simply because John's was out 
> there an *extremely limited* opportunity to do so at this time.
> Specifically, if you have an alternate draft to propose, and do so by 
> Sunday midnight EDT, I will consider how to deal with such (hint: for 
> starters, I will be looking for at least two independent supporters 
> before we consume additional Working Group time on this issue). 
> Otherwise, I will simply ask that Ian's draft be published.
> ...

I'm not going to produce a new draft, but I'd like to be able to express 
my preference for John's draft by having a poll (even though he 
retracted it).

If this means that I'll have to edit that file in order to replace the 
author name, that's ok.

> ...

BR, Julian

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