Re: WG comments, Working Drafts, and Last Call -- clarification please?

On Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 12:36 PM, Julian Reschke<> wrote:
> Shelley Powers wrote:
>> I followed the teleconference in IRC archives. A lot of stuff.
>> Questions of clarification:
>> Do we still have discussion when it comes to publishing a Working
>> Draft, regardless of who publishes it?
> Yes. (There was discussion around this, but no conclusion).

Perhaps the chairs can provide a definitive answer on this?

>> Do we need consensus, or are all Working Drafts being published,
>> unless someone actively protests?
> No news on this.
>> If someone publishes a Working Draft with many differences, can we
>> discuss each, or is it a case of all or nothing?
> Not discussed, as far as I recall.

Again, this could be a Chair decision. I suppose we could submit
multiple WD, one for each issue. Bit messy though.

>> Is it true that the Working Group can't comment during Last Call? That
>> we have to raise issues before then?
> That would be a good reason to leave the WG by then :-). Not sure about it.

Big 10-4 on this. And that's I would do if someone we ended up in LC
with all the issues still unresolved.

>> If this is true, is Last Call still on schedule for October? Do we
>> know when in October?
> I'd like to know this as well. With the ton of open issues, I just don't see
> how to get there, unless we finally start pruning the stuff that's
> orthogonal and doesn't enjoy any kind of consensus.

Agree. I'm thinking, though, of how long I have to put alternative
draft text into the system. I have to kind of squeeze the effort
around stuff I get paid for.

> BR, Julian



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