Re: [DRAFT] Heartbeat poll - update 4

Sam Ruby wrote:
> Sam Ruby wrote:
>> It looks like we are holding at two options.
> And still holding.

At the present time, we are down to one option!  I base that on John 
withdrawing his draft based on a recent change Ian made:

I would like to give everybody an who supported stopping the publication 
of Ian's current Editors Draft as a Working Group Draft but had not 
stepped forward with a draft of their own simply because John's was out 
there an *extremely limited* opportunity to do so at this time.

Specifically, if you have an alternate draft to propose, and do so by 
Sunday midnight EDT, I will consider how to deal with such (hint: for 
starters, I will be looking for at least two independent supporters 
before we consume additional Working Group time on this issue). 
Otherwise, I will simply ask that Ian's draft be published.

I will note that as Laura pointed out, until recently both drafts 
explicitly indicated that this was an issue to be aware of, and that the 
current draft does not.  My believe is that previously Ian had agreed to 
add such a issue box, and that Maciej's compromise request did not ask 
him to take it out, and that it would be better if it were in there. 
But that's just a preference, I don't in any way object to publishing 
Ian's draft as is.

In any case, despite making great progress, I still consider Issue 32[2] 
to very much be open.  As I said on my blog post, I believe that we are 
finally well on our way towards getting this to closure.  I base this 
not only on Ian's changes (as a direct result of Maciej's efforts) but 
based on having seen early drafts on a PF Working Group proposal (which 
I will also note are being updated based on Maciej's efforts).  Cynthia 
reconfirmed on today's call that the PF Working Group still intends to 
submit such a draft for consideration.  In total, I consider that great 
progress over where we were just a week ago.  Thanks go out to all, 
especially Cynthia, Ian, John and Maciej.

- Sam Ruby


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