WG review of HTML5

As you may be aware, yesterday I wrote a blog post encouraging people to 
review the HTML5 spec. [1]

This effort is intended to support a more thorough linear scan, week by 
week, section by section, through the HTML5 draft, which the chairs will 
be conducting in this working group from April through July in advance of 
the goal of reaching "Last Call" in October.

The current editor's draft is at:


The chairs have requested that feedback be recorded in the W3C's Bugzilla 
instance. This is a link to the bug reporting page:


The W3C Bugzilla instance is used by multiple working groups. This is the 
list of issues reported by this working group:


I am going to try to keep on top of this list by responding to feedback 

[1] http://blog.whatwg.org/help-us-review-html5

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