Re: Selectors, getElementsByTagName() and camelCase SVG

On Thu, Apr 2, 2009 at 9:20 PM, Cameron McCormack <> wrote:
> To me, it would seem to be confusing if getElementsByTagName() behaved
> differently depending on whether it was called on an HTML node or a
> different kind of node. †It would make more sense to me if it did case
> insensitive matching for an element in the subtree if it were an HTML
> element, and case sensitive otherwise (assuming we donít want to make
> everything case insensitive in HTML documents, including foreign content
> nodes).

I totally agree with this. The fact that it currently depends on the
node on which the function is called, I think was a design made with
the assumption that no-one would mix case sensitive and case
insensitive content into a single Document. The fact that we are doing
just that now I think is something that I think means that we need to
adjust specs a little to be reasonable to work with.

/ Jonas

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