Re: WG review of HTML5

Ian Hickson wrote:
> As you may be aware, yesterday I wrote a blog post encouraging people to 
> review the HTML5 spec. [1]
> This effort is intended to support a more thorough linear scan, week by 
> week, section by section, through the HTML5 draft, which the chairs will 
> be conducting in this working group from April through July in advance of 
> the goal of reaching "Last Call" in October.

It may be helpful to do this iteratively, particularly as this document 
has not been developed using the traditional W3C approach.  In 
particular, it probably makes sense to discuss the following two items 
further because depending on how they get resolved, much work can be saved:

Additionally, I've written a blog post outlining an approach to dealing 
with a number of issues which have been raised from outside of this 
working group.  [1] I believe what I described there is largely 
consistent with the approach that Rob has suggested.

- Sam Ruby


Received on Wednesday, 8 April 2009 12:36:35 UTC