Re: <q>

2008/10/25 Boris Zbarsky <>

> But in any case, I would think that authors and users would both like to
> use CSS using :lang() as above to easily style their quotes.  So whatever
> solution we come up with should ideally allow that (perhaps also requiring
> them to explicitly style the :before/:after if that's the only way to make
> things sane).

This sounds essentially reasonable to me. How about having HTML 5 specify
the default CSS quotes property for every language in RFC 3066 (or,
alternatively, should another RFC (or suchlike) be started for the purpose
of specifying these), so that HTML 5 can reference it)?

On another note, I advise everyone here who hasn't read it previously to
read the following article: .
Basically, it explains how to handle the kind of mess we should be trying -
in HTML5 - to head off at the pass.

Also, given that the :before and :after CSS pseudo-elements rely on the CSS
content declaration, this
table<> may
be of interest.


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