Re: UA norms for language content negotiation

On Wed, May 28, 2008 at 1:42 PM, Robert J Burns <> wrote:

> Issue:
> UA norms for content-negotiation (presenting users with choices for
> multilingual users and whenever appropriate).[1]
> [1]: <>

After reading through your issue it is not clear to me where one
should start debating the merits of it. On surface this issue feels
like it is outside the domain of the HTML.

The problem is described in terms of author needs (always a good
starting point) but there's not much substance in terms of how the
HTML 5 specification would need to be changed to in order to address
the issue.

Is there an existing error in the specification that would hamper
user-agents from addressing this issue on their own? Does something
need to be added to the spec? What are the relevant sections of the
specification? Also, how do existing user-agents handle this, if at
all? Are there test cases that would demonstrate the problem? A list
of websites that currently make use of HTTP Content Negotiation would
be helpful for others to study.

As you note this feature is facilitated through the use of HTTP
Content Negotiation - so where can HTML 5 provide additional
mechanisms that improve matters?

(I have similar questions for several other proposals you've sent to
the WG earlier in the day. I figure you are still updating your
thoughts on this issue, and several others you've talked about today,
so apologies in advance if you're already pulling these pieces


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