Re: Comments on Offline Web Applications

On Sun, 25 May 2008 19:00:52 +0200, Philip Taylor <> wrote:
> If we want there to be a distinction between "HTML 5" (the language,  
> defined in terms of the DOM) and "HTML5" (the text/html syntax for  
> serialised DOMs), then all the mentions of "HTML5" in this document  
> should be changed to "HTML 5". (Otherwise, we should never claim that  
> such a distinction exists.)

Fair enough, all is changed to HTML 5 now.

> The example's renderNotes function is lacking some semicolons, and  
> should be consistent with the insertNote function.


> "SQL statment" - s//e/


> The description of the manifest should say its MIME type must be  
> text/cache-manifest, else people trying to play with the API based on  
> the description in this document will not know to set the MIME type and  
> will be confused when it doesn't work.


> "Changes to this attribute are indicated through the online and offline  
> events that are both dispatched on the Window object." - the spec says  
> they're fired "at the body element", which isn't quite the same.

This is still very much up in the air as I understand things and  
implementations dispatch on Window so I left it as is.

Thanks for your comments!

Kind regards,

Anne van Kesteren

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