Re: ISSUE-42 (cross-reference/subtext): Cross-referencing and subtext [HTML 5 spec]

Dear WG,

Some prefatory remarks:
Gregory has been adding issues to the issue tracker upon my request.  
Nearly all of these issues have been discussed before on the list, but  
not been addressed in the draft even after months and months. There  
are however a few issues that are newly introduced. They are issues I  
meant to bring up in 2007, but found myself thoroughly discouraged by  
the lack of progress, and the lack of adherence to principles.

So let me proceed now and open discussion of these issues so that the  
WG can get a complete airing of opinions on those issues. Of course it  
is perfectly acceptable to continue discussing any of the other issues  
previously deliberated here and on the wiki. However, let me focus on  
the few issue that are new.

This issue (now Issue-42) seeks to address the need of authors of  
academic documents including such widely used sites as Wikipedia and  
also provide a semantic counterpart to the CSS3 proposed note and  
cross referencing related properties. WG members can read more on the  
wiki page[1]. The proposed solution provides new elements for the text/ 
html serialization and a single new element for the XML serialization  
for both block and inline subtext or notes. The choice of the name  
"subtext" is only provisional, but I felt "note" might be easily  
confused even though its the more widely used term for such  
subordinate text.

Take care,

[1]: < >

On May 28, 2008, at 6:30 PM, HTML Issue Tracking Issue Tracker wrote:

> ISSUE-42 (cross-reference/subtext): Cross-referencing and subtext  
> [HTML 5 spec]
> Raised by: Gregory Rosmaita
> On product: HTML 5 spec
> Cross-referencing and subtext:
> 1. to provide semantic features in HTML5 supporting proposed styling  
> features in CSS3
> 2. authors have an independent need to markup notes and cross  
> references regardless of presentation.
> for more detailed discussion, please consult the wiki page at:
> (issue raised on behalf of Robert J. Burns)

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