Comments on Offline Web Applications

 From as of 15 May 2008:

If we want there to be a distinction between "HTML 5" (the language, 
defined in terms of the DOM) and "HTML5" (the text/html syntax for 
serialised DOMs), then all the mentions of "HTML5" in this document 
should be changed to "HTML 5". (Otherwise, we should never claim that 
such a distinction exists.)

The example's renderNotes function is lacking some semicolons, and 
should be consistent with the insertNote function.

"SQL statment" - s//e/

The description of the manifest should say its MIME type must be 
text/cache-manifest, else people trying to play with the API based on 
the description in this document will not know to set the MIME type and 
will be confused when it doesn't work.

"Changes to this attribute are indicated through the online and offline 
events that are both dispatched on the Window object." - the spec says 
they're fired "at the body element", which isn't quite the same.

Philip Taylor

Received on Sunday, 25 May 2008 17:01:30 UTC