The input type="search" attribute, what's new ?

Hey folks,

There was previously a short discussion about the input type="search" 
attribute value of Safari. I think, it's not a bad thing and should have 
more importance.
So, here what I think :
      i. it allows to the cache operating system to interfere ;
     ii. it allows a better accessibility ; in fact, the search field is 
a special field (the most used/needed ?) ;
    iii. allows a better comprehension by the lambda user because the 
operating system should apply a special style (like Safari does).

I wonder if it should be a good idea to add this feature in the HTML 5 
spec, no ?

Best regards.

Ivan Enderlin
Developper of Hoa Framework

Received on Wednesday, 14 May 2008 15:47:11 UTC