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RE: The input type="search" attribute, what's new ?

From: Justin James <j_james@mindspring.com>
Date: Wed, 14 May 2008 12:58:58 -0400
To: "'Ivan Enderlin'" <w3c@hoa-project.net>, "'public-html'" <public-html@w3.org>
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Ivan -

I am intrigued, but I think that it would be important for you to enunciate
the practical and theoretical differentiators that you envision between a
standard text input and the proposed search type. Outside of marking it at
the code level so that tools can recognize its purpose, what would it do?
For example, you mention applying a special style. People can already do
that with CSS. Also, it is my (probably over stated) opinion (which the
direction of HTML seems to agree with) that style and function should be
wholly separated, so I don't think that allowing the browser to apply a
special style to it, in and of itself, is a good argument in favor of it.
That being said, part of me really likes the idea, but I am having a hard
time finding concrete reasons to like it. :)


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Hey folks,

There was previously a short discussion about the input type="search" 
attribute value of Safari. I think, it's not a bad thing and should have 
more importance.
So, here what I think :
      i. it allows to the cache operating system to interfere ;
     ii. it allows a better accessibility ; in fact, the search field is 
a special field (the most used/needed ?) ;
    iii. allows a better comprehension by the lambda user because the 
operating system should apply a special style (like Safari does).

I wonder if it should be a good idea to add this feature in the HTML 5 
spec, no ?

Best regards.

Ivan Enderlin
Developper of Hoa Framework
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