Re: Versioning and html[5]

Chris Wilson wrote:
> I think we're doing much more than just nibbling away at the current CSS 
> behavio(u)r in IE8, and I think it will be a substantial enough release to 
> make sense to web developers.

Not wishing to put too fine a point on this, but that's also what was 
thought about IE7?

I remember a MIX presentation talked about "major architectural changes" 
with regards to overcoming bugs on the "Explorer Exposed" list. And yet, 
from a web developer's perspective, IE7 is closer to IE6 than to IE7's 
contemporaries. After this experience, I hope you understand my caution.

With regards to HTML5, I take it the opt-in switch would turn on any parts 
of HTML5 implemented in the targeted IE version? Changes to scripting, 
parsing, the DOM, HTTP and so on?

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