Re: HTML 5 WD (not technical)

On another related note,

David Hyatt of Apple, Inc. is not listed on the WHATWG version of the 
Working Draft, but is listed on the W3C version.  I think this could give 
the appearance that the W3C and WHATWG aren't working in unity, plus it's 
my opinion that David deserves his fair credit (but maybe there's another 
reason he's been excluded, that I'm unaware of). 

I agree and I realize that the WHATWG has contributed a number of 
contributions and their work to the completion of this WD and deserve 
acknowledgement, but I see no reason why the W3C WG deserves less credit.

- Wesley Upchurch

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01/23/2008 09:35 AM

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HTML 5 WD (not technical)

This is not a technical comment but still...

I just cannot believe this WD mentions all the WHATWG contributors
in the ACK section but does not even mention the HTML WG itself,
its chairmen, the W3C members in that WG and so on.

It's also not the habit to have nicknames in a W3C WD ACK section (ask
fantasai about it).


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