Re: [whatwg] WF2 - <form action="">

Laurens Holst wrote:
> As described in section 5.2 item 2) [1] of RFC2396, and shown in section 
> C.1. [2] and C.2. [3], it is specified behaviour for URIs that are empty 
> (<>) or only contain a hash (<#s>) to resolve to the current document

Isn't that context-dependent?  I seem to recall that it means the current 
document in some contexts but not in "retrieval" contexts or some such business 
that is not really compatible with what really happens in practice.

See in particular <> and 

Also note that RFC 3986 obsoletes RFC 2396 and changes these rules somewhat. 
Which one are we normatively referencing here?  Or should we be referencing RFC 
1808?  The situation is not all that clear-cut.

> and not the base URI. So Safari is wrong, Safari’s bug 7763 is right, 
> the other browsers are right, and the Web Forms 2 specification is wrong.

I can guarantee that Gecko does things differently for <form action=""> and 
<form action="#foo">.  The latter uses the form's base URI to resolve, like URI 
resolution in Gecko in general, while the former is special-cased to use the 
document URI.  Oh, and the special casing is only for HTML and XHTML documents; 
if you put an <html:form> in a foreignObject in an SVGDocument in Gecko, and it 
has action="", then submitting it will just do nothing whatsoever.

I don't know what other browsers do, but I doubt it's simple enough in general 
to describe as "the other browsers are right", especially since given the 
various RFCs above it's not obvious what "right" is.


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