RE: [whatwg] Video codec requirements changed

Geoffrey Sneddon [] wrote:
>On 12 Jan 2008, at 15:09, Yann wrote:
>> Having at least one codec that MUST be supported by the browser is
>> the only
>> way to make it possible to publish video content available to all
>> platforms.
>No, it isn't. It makes the na´ve assumption that all browsers will do
>what the spec says - if there is a substantial risk involved (in this
>case, financial, in terms of patent law-suits) an implementer will
>ignore the spec.

That's my point, yes.  I'd like the spec to be implementable.

>There is no question that we need interoperability (for what point is
>there of a spec existing if it isn't implemented?), but it is plainly
>clear that Theora does not create this needed interoperability, as not
>all implementers will implement it.

I'm not sure I see an acceptable-to-all interests solution for video codec, unfortunately.


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