Re: Please change the current name of the specification to "HTML5 and XHTML5"

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> Lachlan Hunt wrote:
>> By "certain other working groups", I assume you are referring to the
>> XHTML2 WG.  However, no-one I know of is in the least bit concerned
>> about upsetting them in regards to the name "XHTML".
> <bandwidth-waste>
> I have taken part in many standardization groups in past, but I have
> never encountered such high level of indignity as this group produces.
> Folks, please try to be constructive and positive and if you really
> can't resist such tart comments please present them in an appropriate
> place like pub.
> </bandwidth-waste>
> IMHO, at some point in the time usage of XHTML brand have to be agreed
> between HTML and XHTML2 WG. Such statements will make such agreement
> very hard to achieve.

This is pretty much what I was going to reply to Lachlan. The rest of his  
message seemed like a good answer to a question that is pretty close to  
trolling as far as I can tell.

I think that actually we don't lose anything by being nice to the XHTML  
crowd and calling the XML serialisation XHTML 1.5 - it gives us room to  
make more pre-XHTML 2 specs over the next couple of decades, on the  
off-chance that in that time-frame some XHTML 2.x spec becomes a useul  
thing to work with in the Web, and doesn't cost us anything - we can still  
explain that while XHTML 2 has use cases (it does - and people making good  
money from them) the Web still needs XHTML 1.x the same as it still needs  
HTML 5...

(Yes, I think the whole "5>2" thing is pointlessly provocative and a way  
of showing that you care more about one-upmanship than about the Web. But  
fundamentally I think the argument is a waste of time and anythign that  
leads to a happy solution is better than something that we have to discuss  
for weeks).



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