Re: Underline element.

Philip Taylor (Webmaster) wrote:
>  Hmmm, I would want to argue against the inclusion of either
>  "firstName" or "surname" on the grounds that their semantics are
>  ill-defined (cultural differences ascribe different semantics);
>  "familyname" and "givenname" I regard as unexceptionable.

I can understand objections to “firstName” (which I didn’t propose, of 
course) since name order is language dependent. I don’t know why you 
would propose “familyname” instead of “surname” though. According to [1], the term family name is a synonym of the term 
surname; the definition of the term surname is “an added name derived 
from occupation or other circumstance”, which seems pretty generic to me 
[2]. I don’t know which languages/cultures “surname” would be 
inapplicable to.

[1] <>
[2] <> (definition 1)

— Patrick Garies

Received on Monday, 14 January 2008 21:36:46 UTC