Re: Underline element.

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Olivier GENDRIN wrote:
>  If we care about waving underlines for chinese, we could also care to
>  have a cartouche around names in old egyptian...
>  In fact, that just indicate that we could need a <term>, <name> or
>  <cite> element (<cite> exists, but we could have to give it a better
>  semantic).

I think that those styles are outside the scope of HTML 5 and something
for CSS or, perhaps, Unicode to deal with.

I do think that a name element could be useful though. You could use it
in ideographic languages to distinguish the name from surrounding text,
to distinguish between given and surnames (e.g., in a translation from a
language where names conventionally appear in reversed order), and as a
styling anchor for the mentioned and other text effects.

<name lang="en-Latn"><given>Patrick</given> <sur>Garies</sur></name>
<name lang="en-Kana"><given>パタリック</given><sur>ゲリス< /sur></name>

sur:lang(en-Latn) { text-transform: uppercase; }
sur:lang(en-Kana)::before { content: "·"; /* U+00B7 */ }

— Patrick Garies

Received on Monday, 14 January 2008 18:04:50 UTC