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Will the iframe element do what you need?

On Jan 13, 2008 7:44 AM, Howard Cary Morris
<> wrote:
> Currently I know of no way to include html source from another file or site.
> may I suggest either
> <copy src="filename or url" /> or
> <script src="filename or url" type=html />
> Additional reason for suggestion: Some feel that all pages of a site have
> the same look and feel, and top be able to copy html source would simplify
> the process of making all page headers the same.
> Minor augment against: may be able to do this with forms.
> Things to decide if implemented:
> What can copied sources include , <html>, <head>, <body>, <script>, etc.
> Have mixed feelings about above except <script> or <copy> which either
> should be disallowed or cause an error if a vicious circle occurs.
> Slight improvement:
> <copy src="filename or url" &parm1=... &parm2=... /> so you can have
> substitutable parameters. Name of parameters are up to coder. When the
> copied code is expanded &parm1; gets replaced with the value of &parm1 (I
> know semicolon seems redundant, but consistent with values like &nbsp;).
> Could also allow multiple <default &parm1=.... /> to set default values in
> copy member if that parameter was not specified. I think it should be an
> error if the default value for the same parameter is specified more than
> once and both default values are not the same. If the coder wants one
> default value in one part of the code and a second in another part of the
> code then two different parameters should be used. I suppose that constructs
> like <default &parm2=&parm1; /> should me allowed.
> Hope you consider this useful,
>     Howard Morris
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