Re: <?doctype ?> instead of <!doctype >

Dmitry Turin a écrit :
> Now we have two way to write service information in html-document:
> 1) in <!name > (e.g. <!doctype >
> 2) in <?name?> (e.g. <?xml ?>, <?xml-stylesheet ?>
> I propose to unify and use <?tag ?> in any case.

maybe it will create a lot of incompatibility. Look at every <!ENTITY>, 
<![CDATA[...]]> etc.
Especially CDATA will create incompatibility. It's used in every web 
application or web services, e.g. XML-RPC.
But why not, it's not a bad idea, but it requires thoughtfulness.


Received on Tuesday, 8 January 2008 15:48:38 UTC