Re: Underline element.

On Jan 3, 2008 8:11 PM, Ca Phun Ung <> wrote:

> I understand we cannot
> create elements for each and every semantic meaning under the Sun but we
> could at least remove those elements that add no value to HTML, namely
> <b>, <i> and <u>.

Absolutely correct. Elements for "each and every semantic meaning under the
sun" is catered for by the inclusion of RDFa in HTML5. If you are working on
documents where shipping terms are frequently used we could see things like:

<span property="shipping:shipName">Titanic</span>

...with the appropriate vocabulary identifier of course. This provides
custom vocabularies that will be distinguishable from ambiguous things like
<u> and <i> that aren't machine interpretable. I really wish more people on
the list could have a look at the possibilities you get with RDFa. A lot of
the time it would shorten discussions like these.



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