ISSUE-17 (media-queries-tab-preprocessing): Vertical tab preprocessing for media queries [HTML 5 spec]

ISSUE-17 (media-queries-tab-preprocessing): Vertical tab preprocessing for media queries [HTML 5 spec]

Raised by: Shawn Medero
On product: HTML 5 spec

## Summary

> Please define a preprocessing step that turns vtabs into spaces before
media query parsing.

Raised by Henri Sivonen [on IRC][3] and [the mailing list][1] in response to [a discussion that occurred on the www-style list][2].

> <hsivonen> Hixie: did you see the whitespace discrepancy point I mentioned on www-style?
> <hsivonen> Hixie: If you've told me why vertical tab is space in HTML5, I have forgotten
> <Hixie> whitespace means several things just within HTML5
> <Hixie> let alone when compared to other specs like Unicode, XML, JS, or CSS, each of which has their own definition
> <Hixie> iirc VT is included because implementations include it
> <hsivonen> OK. In that case, I suggest media queries should inherit the set of white space characters from the host language
> <hsivonen> as a conformance requirement, it would be highly silly that VT in HTML5 were ok between class name tokens but not between media query tokens
> <Hixie> or i could define a preprocessing step in HTML5 to normalise the whitespace first
> <Hixie> (for media queries(
> <Hixie> )) 


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