Re: Whitespace before <head>

Have you tested with Safari 3?  We changed our behavior from Safari 2.


On Nov 14, 2007, at 11:59 AM, Simon Pieters wrote:

> It appears that some sites use document.documentElement.firstChild  
> and expect it to be the head element even if there was whitespace  
> before the <head> tag.
> Safari seems to drop whitespace before the <head> tag. Firefox  
> seems to insert any whitespace before the <head> tag in the head  
> element, even if it was also before the <html> tag or before the  
> doctype, and it also does so with comments. IE seems to drop  
> whitespace and put comments before the <html> tag as siblings to  
> the root element and after as children of the head element. Opera  
> currently does what HTML5 says, and it has caused some compat  
> problems.
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