the editors and issue tracking (Re: Getting started with issue tracking)

hixie wrote, quote:
> I am concerned that this issue, as described, does not follow the
> template and principles laid out in past posts to this working 
> group,
> e.g. here:
> Given the past volume of mail to this mailing list, it is 
> unlikely that Hyatt and I will be able to read every mail for 
> every issue. Having issues summarised in the above format in the 
> wiki is much more likely to allow everyone to have their point 
> of view considered.

and i am concerned that dave hyatt is a semi-mythical being...  when 
will he speak for himself on list, let alone participate in HTML WG 
teleconferences?  you have already made it abundantly clear that 
public-html is but one of many streams you are monitoring -- should 
not your co-editor then be concentrating on monitoring the streams 
it is not possible for you to monitor effectively?

second, the issue tracker is separate from the wiki in that it takes 
fodder from the public-html emailing list AND the wiki in order 
to aid the editors and members of the WG by collating disparate data 
streams and funneling them into a single manageable issue; if you 
and dave cannot keep up with the volume of mail, and take such a dim
view of the issue tracking effort which has been designed to aid the 
editors, rather than further hinder them, perhaps we need a co-editor
who is capable of handling public-html mail and monitoring the HTML 

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