Raising issues in a way that the editors will pay attention to them

I've updated the following wiki page to make it a list of issues for this 
working group:


In due course, I will be going through the issues on that list. If you 
want to have an issue raised on this mailing list be looked at by the 
editors, make sure to add it to the wiki page above, or it will be 
ignored. For an issue to be given due consideration, please:

 * Before posting to the mailing list or on the wiki, make sure to have 
   read the relevant sections of the HTML 5 spec. The easiest way to lose 
   credibility is to propose something that's already in the spec, or 
   which is made irrelevant by the spec. See section 1.2.1.

 * Keep all discussion to this mailing list. If you discuss things on IRC, 
   or on teleconferences, or elsewhere, and want to add the issue to the 
   HTML working group wiki page above, first repost it to the mailing 
   list so that all the discussion is tracked here.

 * On the wiki page, link to *all* the e-mails on the relevant thread(s). 
   (This is the Wikipedia VER principle)

 * On the wiki page, summarise *all* the arguments completely and without 
   bias. (NPOV principle)

 * Do not include any content on the wiki page that wasn't first 
   posted to this mailing list. (NOR principle)

 * Include links to relevant research on the wiki page. That could be:

    * Links to pages that are working around the lack of the feature being 

    * Surveys (even of a few dozen sites) showing authoring practices, so 
      that we can determine authoring patterns around the topic. (I might
      take such surveys to greater lengths if possible and useful by 
      running similar types of scans at Google.)

    * Test cases showing what existing browsers do.

   Making proposals with no research is another good way to lose 
   credibility fast.

There's a template to help you write issue pages:


Hyatt and I will be taking feedback from the wiki page above, as well as 
from other sources such as the WHATWG list, blogs, discussions with 
authoring tool implementors, browser vendors, etc, in editing the spec.

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