Re: 'role' should be property

On 31/05/07, Matthew Raymond <> wrote:
> Bruce Boughton wrote:
> > Dmitry Turin wrote:
> >> This demand is anachronism,
> >> first, since _behaviour, binding, pronouncing_ are already specified in it;
> >> second, since sense has appeared to abolish it.
> >
> > Could you give examples to support your assertion that behaviour and
> > binding are described by CSS?
>    Only example I can think of is the BeCSS[1], which was introduced for
> languages like XBL 2.0 and Microsoft's HTML Controls (HTCs).

You say "only example", as if it's inconsequential. The point being
made is that the mechanisms associated with CSS--what I've called the
dynamic infoset--have already been used for non-presentational
features. One of these features is 'behaviour'. The document you link
to is very recent, but XBL 1.0 has been used in Mozilla for years, and
CSS selectors are used to attach functionality.

It's also worth noting that CSS itself is becoming modular, with
version 3. That makes the technique that Dmitry and myself have been
advocating even easier to do; Dmitry's proposal amounts to suggesting
a small CSS 3 Module that defines the role property--he gets the
selector part for free.



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